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Applied Research Europe GmbH is the new name of a well known German company, the Scientific Metal Equipment GmbH.
The SME has been since many years working in the field of chromatography, starting with the manufacturing and supply of components to the chromatographic industry in Germany. During the years SME became a more prominent supplier not only for metal products but also accessories made of polymeric material.

Applied Research Europe GmbH started as a German company with Germany as market in focus. Developments during the last years made us change our policy and you will now find our products on every continent in the world.

Recently, new product lines have been added to this complete catalog with all the products and components needed for chromatography. And all is shipped from a one-stop-shopping location in the heart of Europe within the borders of the European Community. We do not only serve distributors. OEM customers are welcome for existing products or development of new products.

We are dedicated to fast and realiable service, competitive pricing and high quality production. We hope you like our product line. If there are any request for product, which we do not carry in the catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your business,

For the team of Applied Research Europe
Dr. Christian Wegner

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