Chromatography Accessories and Supplies

Tubing and Capillaries

All of Applied Research tubing is extruded from virgin materials manufactured by the original manufacturer of each material. We do not allow substitutes for our raw materials.


Applied Research SS fittings are manufactured different materials for both high and low pressure applications. We take a pride in our work and make sure that we only use the finest materials available.

Filters and Frits

All of Applied Research metal filters are manufactured by Applied Porous Technologies. All other material is manufactured in our own facilities.

HPLC Columns

Choose between Applied Research PEEK or SS column line in many different dimensions.


When working in Chromatography you will need a kaleidoscope of tools. Applied Research offers you all the tools you are looking for.


Beside Solvent Recycler, Degasser and other useful accessories, Applied Research Europe offers a line of manual injection and switching valves.